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Functions of the IQAC

Functions of the IQAC .
1. Development and application of quality parameters for various academic and administrative works of the institution.

2. Concentrates on the overall professional growth of the student.

3. Arrangement of receiving feedback response from students, parents and other stakeholders on quality related institutional process.

4. Documentation of various inter and intra institutional programs leading to the quality improvement.

5. Development of Quality Culture in the institution.

6. Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report as per guidelines and parameters of NAAC.

IQAC Minutes of meeting


S.No Name Designation Designation
1 Dr. M. Ekambaram Naidu Principal Chair Person
2 Dr. S. Sri Gowri Professor & HOD(ECE,EEE) Coordinator
3 Sri. B. S. Sri Krishna Secretary Management
4 Dr. D. Haritha Professor&HOD(CSE,MCA) Member
5 Dr. A Padmaja Professor HOD(S&H) Member
6 Dr .T. Satyanarayana Professor HOD(CE) Member
7 Mr. A. Stanly Kumar Professor HOD(CE) Member
8 Mr. M. Ram Bhupal Assistant Professor & HOD (IT) Member
9 Mr. N. Subramanyam Professor & HOD (MBA) Member
10 Mr D.V. Subba Rao In-charge of Examinations Member
11 Mr. A. Siva Nageswara Rao Placement Officer Member
12 Mr. B. Naveen NSS Officer Member
13 Mr. Ch.Sarat PD Incharge Member
14 Mr. B.Pratap Administration Officer Member
15 Mr.K.Ashok Accountant Member
16 Mr.S.KrishnaRao CEO of InfoParkSoftware Technologies Industry
17 Ms.H.Mahitha Student (17X41A0449) Member
18 Mr.K.Vamsi Alumni (12X41A0583) Member
19 Mr.Boyapati Ramakrishna Parent Member