The Association shall be a non-profit organization

    The objectives of the Association shall be :

  • To strengthen the professional bonding between SRKIT, its alumni and the industry.
  • To plan and organize various value added activities such as updating technology advancements, industry practices and requirements, professional lectures and seminars, etc. for its members.
  • To publish newsletters and other professional materials for circulation among its members.
  • To help in recruitment for better placement by sharing companies requirement & recruitment process information.
  • To help the faculty and students of SRKIT in various value-adding activities like curriculum development sponsored research projects, case study development, student internships and placements.
  • To assist the students by extending loan scholarship.
  • To conduct Alumni-Students Knowledge Exchange Programs [ASKEP].
  • To raise funds for the development of SRKIT and SRKAA
  • To establish the infrastructure for the purpose of implementing the above objectives.
  • To create an official website with the information useful to the members, college and public.

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