I B.Tech I Sem Mids & Online Examinations start from 17-11-2014.


To emerge quickly as a force to reckon with in our region for imparting quality engineering and technical education and aspire to earn eventually national and international reconviction as a premier education institute with academic excellence.


  • To create and sustain intellectually challenging environment, which enable and empowers the students and the faculty, the key two players in the academic arena.

  • To perform best practice benchmarking on a continual basis for evolving the right culture in the institute.

  • To develop efficient knowledge delivery systems with emphasis on the learning and problem-solving capabilities of the students.

  • To facilitate the metamorphosis of the students into productive and responsible citizens.

  • To enable SRKIT play an active role in regional wealth creation through the promotion of industry-oriented research.

  • To maintain high degree of integrity and transparency and highest form of professional ethics in our day-to-day affairs .

I B.Tech I Mid
2D Workshop on Desktop Application Development from 17-11-2014 to 19-11-2014 all CSE, IT Students can utilize this oppurtunity. Registation fee Rs 250/-
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